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Carroll's Pre-Cooled Make-up Air Handler cools
your kitchen, increases productivity and saves energy

Tempered Air Handlers

Fully air conditioned make-up air lost through the exhaust canopy is prohibitively expensive. Factor in peak summer heat and you have a ventilation system that devours profit. By pre-cooling the make-up air to 75º-78º, the Carroll’s Tempered Air Handler unit provides greater staff comfort at a fraction of the usual cost of using 100% outside air.

Carroll’s tempered supply air unit can be supplied as an outdoor packaged unit or as a split system for indoor or outdoor. The unit includes integrated air supply fan, MERV-rated filtration range from 8-99 DOP and DX coil cooler (or heater) enclosed in a cabinet fitted to your supply air duct to create savings and improved work performance by the lessening of conditioned air loss. Seven sizes are available to fit your unique application

Tested and approved compliant with
electrical and other safety standards.

Air Handler Brochure
Air Handler Tech Guide